New adventure: try to help out with JSFUnit’s static analysis package

It itches too much, so I am trying to scratch.

I have joined the JSFUnit team to help out with the static analysis package. One of the special features of JSFUnit has been orphaned for some time.


JSFUnit 1.0.0.GA available

According to the projects website JSFUnit has gone live with release 1.0.0.
Time to get serious about JSF unit testing again.

Jazoon 08 looming ahead

Time for the next big Java conference… the Jazoon 08.

I’m gonna talk about JSFUnit. It will be an introduction to this JSF testing framework (presentation info).

Hope to see you there and have a chat together… my company’s (Credit Suisse) booth seem to e close Netcetera’s, let’s hope their coffee is as great as last year (was a really good coffee, even by italian standards). From our coordinator I heard, that we will distribute our good chocolate goodies… That should make a good combo: good coffe and good chocolate.

JSF Days 08 – almost over

To all those that forgot to come to Vienna: You definitely missed something really great.

3 days with many important people in the JSF ecospace (Kito: good definition of that) in a very relaxed context. Irian did a great job to organize this second JSFDays in a perfect way, which definitely helps to create this friendly mood.

For those not yet used to be able to get in “touch” with the great names of JSF were pleasently surprised how easy those persons behind the names are. This feature is definitely something I like in the JSF ecosphere. Despite being a difficult environment (todays webapp-development,…) JSF brings along a bunch of nice guys that are very approachable and helpfull. A great community. And this you can really feel here in Vienna at the JSFDays.

Almost a pity those 3 days are almost over… It will be a long time till JSFDays 2009.

The presentations will be available through Irian’s website. As soon as this happens I will report back.

I did a presentation on Testing JSF applications and components. Although one of my laptops started to misbehave… it went quite well. I got some nice feedback, questions and hints and wait impatiently for the official feedback analysis.I concentrated on Selenium and JSFUnit.The preparation for this talk are also the reason for the long time since my last post… but it also gave me some input for further posts 😉