A trip back to nature

The other we went for a little walk to a place that seems almost isolated from civilization, which is a difficult thing here in Switzerland. But once you have left behind the car and walked for 10 minutes in the moor landscape of Glaubenberg, you have to impression to be out there in the wilderness. check out the photographs I took. Every now and then you find traces of civilization like a nice restaurant or a alpine dairy, where they herd the cattle during summer and produce some of the best cheese of the world. OR those nice informative small projects… like this quiz/game, where you have a few questions that deal with the local and non-local flora. Or signposts like this one that shows you the names of the flowers you can find along the way.

Obviously the food you can eat at the Schwendi-Kaltbad restaurant is just great and after a little hike you can relish it even more. Sitting close to one of the three open fire cooking places in the log-cabin style restaurant, sipping some drink and waiting for the fine food is just a decent finish of a great day…

Gotta go there more often.

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