JSF unit testing alternatives

One of the advantages of JSF is that the application can be written free of references to JSF. All interfacing classes can be pure POJO’s. But if you try to test your own custom-components things get less easy.

OK, you can always test your components in a black-box testing approach. You write a test-webapplication using the component and verify that the rendered code is what you expected. Tools to support this are HtmlUnit, HttpUnit, Selenium, WebTest, and some others. (btw is there a comparision chart listing “all” of those web-app test frameworks?) But this kind of testing is cumbersome and error-prone. Some of the internals of a component cannot be tested at all or are very difficult to test.

What is really needed is some white-box testing framework for JSF. Some are available or should be available soon. So far I have found “Shale Test Framework”, “JSF-extensions test-time” and just recently “JSFUnit”. If you know of other JSF test frameworks, please let me know.

Shale Test Framework is the oldest one. Although it has a dependency on JSF 1.2 the website does not specify whether it provides support for testing JSF 1.2 components/applications.

JSF-Extensions is not so new, but so far no official release has been made. It supports JSF 1.2 and the “test-time” module provides mock objects for most or all JSF 1.2 classes. The source is easy to understand to make private extensions easy.

JSFUnit is the new-comer. They too have not yet done a release, they are too fresh off the press. At this moment you have to check out from svn and then build using maven. JSFUnit is based on Cactus. And I will give it a try in the next few days… stay tuned for more.

One Comment on “JSF unit testing alternatives”

  1. dayg says:

    As of April 28, 2008 JSFUnit is already in Beta 2. I’m also planning to try this out soon.

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