JSF Usergroup CH Meeting #1

Lovely is the black&white beauty in the center.A group of 18 people from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, America and Brazil met Thursday 29th June 2007 for a meeting to decide whether or not to found a JSF user group in Switzerland.

The interest in a JSF usergroup proves to be international.
Not only the international attendance, but also the feedback in the mailing lists and chat proves this.

First Ed Burns presented the possibilities of Scripting in the JSF context. The slides will be made available (when he comes back online). In a second presentation Ed showed us where the JSF spec’s will head.

To start the discussion on the foundation of the JSF Usergroup I showed some slides with ideas on this topic.

The discussion about the JSF Usergroup was intense and short. The decisions were taken very rapidly without objections:

  • Yes, we want a JSF usergroup
  • The best way is to organize as a Special Interest Group (SIG) under the umbrella of the Java Users Group Switzerland (JUGS)
  • For the organisational aspects 4 Swiss and 1 Brazilian declared their availability.
  • For presentations 4-5 Swiss and 3 “foreigners” volunteered.
  • A possible subject for a second meeting:
    • “Coming out”: members present their actual experiences in short presentations

The discussion very quickly drifted towards technical issues.

After 3 hours the group decided to award the status of “JSFDays Europe 2007” to the meeting and the mandatory photos were taken (with the participation of “Lovely” the famous black and white cow). You can find the pictures in my photo gallery.


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